Daily Devotional

I’m the Light

Scripture: Matthew 5: 14 “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.

Observation: God saved me for a purpose and no matter what else He calls me to do, He calls all of us to be a light, to spread the gospel. If I’m not different from a person not saved what good am I? It needs to be obvious that I’m different, I need to be a light for those that are lost and point them in the right direction.

Application: I need to work harder at being happy around others. I need to show the people God puts around me or in my path there is something different about me. I need to stop worrying and being anxious and start being positive and tell others why I’m different.

Prayer: My Lord fill me with the Holy Spirit and light me up. May a glance of your spirit make others wonder about what I have, that they don’t. May I be bold in expressing how you have blessed my life.

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