Daily Devotional

Good News of Jesus

Scripture: Acts 8: [35] Then Philip began with that very passage of Scripture and told him the good news about Jesus.

Observation: How many people have I told about the good news of Jesus? Each day I draw nearer to being with my Lord, but I’m not getting busy doing His work. Instead of taking time out to do His will, I’d rather relax or do what I want to do. He saved me for a purpose, to tell others about the good news of eternity and what Jesus did for us. What stopping me? Me!!

Application: My purpose in my Lord must be first. Today I have an opportunity to counsel others and instead of whining about not being home or with my wife I should be honored that God would allow me to do this. I need to get up early and work out to strengthen this body to fulfill my purpose and to tell others the “Good News.”

Prayer: My Lord I’m weak and lazy, help me fulfill the purpose you have created me for. Give me strength to spread the good news.

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