Daily Devotional

Because of Me?

Scripture: Galatians 1: [24] And they praised God because of me.

Observation: Does anyone praise God because of me? I’m suppose to be living a life honoring God. If I was I would be loving, giving, caring for others and pointing them to God. I looked back at the last few weeks and can’t think of one instance that anyone would praise God because of me. It wouldn’t take a lot to reach out and contact someone, help someone with a chore, give money to someone in need without them asking, invite someone over for dinner or to show someone that my heart belongs to God.

Application: Stop just passing by people and start looking at them with the heart of God. Look for small opportunities to help or to smile and greet a stranger. Be more aware of my neighbors and find ways to help get out of my comfort zone and share God’s love.

Prayer: Dear Lord I thank you for all you give me, may I share it with others in glory and honor to you.

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