Daily Devotional

Same As Jesus

Scripture: Philippians 2: 5 Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus:

Observation: My attitude is so different from Jesus most of the time. Today I have been focused on work and what was said on a voice mail. My heart has been full of anger and fear and my negative attitude showed so much that my wife continued to ask if I was okay. Christ attitude was of love, faith, caring, grace and mine is of self, fear anger and hatred. Why do I feel like this when God has done so much for me? I will never fulfill my purpose until I change my attitude.

Application: Increase my faith. My faith is so weak that my attitude changes constantly. Take my burdens and fears to the cross of Jesus and let Him guide me. Draw nearer to Him so that I may be more like Him.

Prayer: Dear Lord change me to be more like your son. Take my fears and worries and change them into faith, knowing that you have them under control.

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