Daily Devotional

God’s Judgments are True

Scripture: Revelations 16: 7 And I heard the altar respond:”Yes, Lord God Almighty,true and just are your judgments.”

Observation: I wonder at times why God does what He does. Last night I found out our pastor has bleeding on the brain and there is nothing they can do. I’m not sure what is going to happen and Easter is only a couple of weeks away. Why would something like this happen to a servant of God at this time?

Application: God is in complete control and everything He does is just and right. I need to remember we were not created for this place, but to be with God in heaven. I need to stop questioning and start trusting in God in all circumstances.

Prayer: Dear Lord I thank you for loving and creating me. Increase my faith that I will trust in you completely and serve you and do my part to glorify you.

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