Daily Devotional

Filled with Compassion

Scripture: Mark 1:41 Filled with compassion, Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man, “I am willing”, he said, “be clean.”

Observation: That is what I should be filled with compassion, but I’m not. Yet Jesus must have seen me while I lived my life with depression, the suicide attempts, the hate, the fear I lived under and he reached out with compassion for me and healed me. He lived his life on earth like any human and he asks me to follow him and do as he did. He calls me to have compassion for others.

Application: I need to stop looking out for only me. Sometimes my mind gets so clouded with what I want I don’t see the needs of others around me. I need to obey God when he says love others as you love yourself. I seem not to do without for myself and now it’s time to help meet the needs of others.

Prayer: Dear Lord help me have compassion for others. Guide me in what you call me to do. May I be obedient and make you proud of your child.

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