Daily Devotional

Why Don’t I Understand

Scripture: Mark 8:21 He said to them, “Do you still not understand?”

Observation: That is the way I feel, do I still not understand? God is showing me how he desires for me to live this life, but each day I do something wrong. It’s as if I can’t know his love and will for me. He speaks clearly enough, but it’s has if I can’t comprehend at times. Each day I worry, choose to relax instead of doing, I’m anxious instead of at peace. I know in my heart what should be done yet don’t do it.

Application: I need to understand each day God’s direction for my life. To rid myself of any hateful or hurtful thoughts and have a heart like Jesus.

Prayer: Dear Lord open my mind and show me again and again what you desire in my life. May I glorify you with the man I become.

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