Daily Devotional

Crucify Him

Scripture: Mark 15:13 “Crucify him,” they shouted

Observation: It was my fault that Jesus had to die the way he did. It was my sin that nailed him to the cross. Most of my life I yelled crucify him by the sins I committed and even now realizing all he has done for me I still think of what I want above what he wants for me. I might as well stood in the crowd with the rest and yelled, “Crucify him.”

Application: To live each day in appreciation of what Christ did for me. Realizing his death was the ultimate expression of his love. To live a life that shouts all hail to the King and live in glory and honor to him.

Prayer: Dear Lord you have given me your best, help me live the rest of my life in a way that would be pleasing to you. Fill me with the Holy Spirit and guide this servant each day. Take this laziness from me and show me what to do to please you.

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