Daily Devotional

Who do I Try to Please?

Scripture: John 12:43 for they loved praise from men more than praise from God.

Observation: Lately I’ve been doing more serving, I’ve been doing Street Evangelism, Teri and I went to Camp Alandale to help get things ready, I’m doing a small group coming up this Wednesday, things that should honor God. However I tell others these things to impress them and in doing so I believe I miss my blessing. These things should be done for God’s glory, not mine. I do look for the praises of people above God’s. I want to look holy at the expense of not being Holy.

Application: I need to continue to do even more services for God and leave it at that. When people notice to give me praise I need to point to God who gives me the talents and gifts to do these things. All things I do should bring glory to God. May I not miss another blessing God has in store for me because of pride.

Prayer: Dear Lord I’m your servant and you deserve the best I have to offer. Continue to strengthen me to do what is good in you sight and that you will get all the glory and praise which are yours.

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