Daily Devotional

Is Jesus Weeping over America?

Scripture: Luke 19:41 As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it

Observation: I’m sure Jesus is weeping over America and what we have done to His blessing to us. We have taken a country founded under God laws and principles and have turned it into a den of sinners. Sexual immortality runs rampant, God word is no longer welcome, God isn’t allowed in our schools or government instead of loving each other we hate, steal and kill one another. We as Christians should be weeping for this country that we ask God to bless, when in our hearts we know He can’t bless sin.

Application: I’m part of the problem if I don’t do anything to change the state this country is in. Even though I can’t change the country I can show each person I meet the love of God. I can’t stand by anymore and allow the sin I see go on without saying something. I need to make a difference for God even if it’s only a person at a time.

Prayer: My Lord I ask for forgiveness on what we have done to this land you have blessed us with and also for me. I have let things go that I see is sin against you right in front of me and I didn’t say anything. Give me strength to confront people in love and tell them about your love for them.

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