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Have you ever felt depressed. Almost everyone has felt down from time to time and sad, but have you ever experienced deep depression where you thought it would be easier to give up then keep going? If you have you are in the right place.

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Getting Over Depression by Mark Buckley

Getting Over Depression is an account of my life experiences and the feelings that accompanied them. I think you’ll discover that, although my situation might be different from yours, you may have experienced similar emotions and thoughts. Emotions and thoughts that might be destroying your very life and that of your family. I have gone through extensive treatment for depression and have been diagnosed with bi-polar, chemical imbalance, manic depression, and seizure disorder, along with being treated for repeated suicide attempts. Since my last suicide attempt April 6, 1998, God has guided me through depression and the things He taught me are written in this book. See how God changed a man who only wanted to end his life to the man that looks forward each day to see what God has planned for him.

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