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Is God Speaking to Me?

Scripture Josh 20:1 The LORD also spoke to Joshua, saying,

Observation: Does God speak to us today? I believe He does, but the problem is we aren’t listening. We may not hear is voice verbally, but He surrounds us with signs and His word so we know what He is telling us. God has used the people He surrounds me with to speak to me and often to protect me. I know it doesn’t please Him for me to do nothing or very little each day for His glory and I want to hear Him, but my mind is so full of this world I can’t hear Him.

Application: I need to know God loves me and has a purpose for me and I need to hear from Him so I can get on track. I pray to Him each day, but I need to take time to listen and wait for His guidance. I’m so tired all of the time and I need strength to be busy for my Lord. I need to know I’m a servant of the most high and I need to listen for His commands so I will be an obedient servant, the desire of my heart.

Prayer: My Lord help me. I’m sitting here writing and deciding what to do after I’m finished. Give me guidance and open my ears to your voice. I don’t want to waste any more of this life on things of this world, I want to build my treasures in heaven as you require me to do. Help me please lead a life that will glorify you. I love you and want to please you.

Fighting for Your Inheritance

Scripture Josh 19:47 And the border of the children of Dan went beyond these, because the children of Dan went up to fight against Leshem and took it; and they struck it with the edge of the sword, took possession of it, and dwelt in it. They called Leshem, Dan, after the name of Dan their father.

Observation: The tribe of Dan received a larger inheritance than the previous tribes, because they fought for it. The other tribes lots were divided among them but the tribe of Dan fought to enlarge their territory. I’ve been reading about heaven and the rewards we can earn. Know we are children of God if we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior and we have an inheritance set aside on the new Earth, but is that what we are going to settle for. As the parable of the talents are we going to do more to earn or rewards and multiply what God has given us or are we going to bury what God has blessed us with and be content of just getting in. God wants us to prosper and desires us to do more with what He has blessed us with, He wants us to fight.

Application: I need to be fighting for my inheritance and get busy multiplying what God has blessed me with. I should be fighting for God and not settle for less than what He wants me to have. I need to earn the rewards and crowns that are available to me and not settle for less than all God has in store for me.

Prayer: My Lord your servant is lazy and I need strength to be a better servant. I want all you desire to give me, because I know it pleases you to give good gifts to your children. I want to make you proud and multiply the gifts you have given me. Help me please to do better in your name.

Neglecting God’s Call

Scripture Josh 18:3 Then Joshua said to the children of Israel: “How long will you neglect to go and possess the land which the LORD God of your fathers has given you?

Observation: That sounds like something God would tell me, how long will I neglect my calling. At times I don’t know what God is calling me to do, other times I pretend I don’t hear it and then other times I just neglect my Lord’s calling on my life. I have my moments when I get up and do what God has called me to do and collect the treasure that is stored up in heaven for me, but so much of the time I throw my blessing away because I’m either to self-centered or just plain lazy. God has never given up on me, but so many times I give up. He has blessed me so much and asks so little of me and I can’t even give my Lord that. So how long will I neglect to go and possess the blessings the Lord has given me?

Application: Each night I sit in front of the television wasting another evening. I need to find out what God wants of me and then do it, knowing if God is behind it will succeed. I shouldn’t be doing things for my good, but to bear fruit for my Lord and do it for His glory which will last for all eternity. I need to figure out what God wants me to do with the book He has blessed me with and find out how He wants to use the testimony He has given me. There are people out there that can benefit from my testimony and I need to stop neglecting it.

Prayer: My Lord I’m tired all of the time and I need strength to do your will in my life. All I want to do is rest and this is the time I need to be busy doing my Father’s business. Help me please, rid me of this laziness and give me the energy it will take to possess the blessings you have in store for me.

Who Has Great Power?

Scripture Josh 17:17 And Joshua spoke to the house of Joseph–to Ephraim and Manasseh–saying, “You are a great people and have great power; you shall not have only one lot,

Observation: As you read the whole chapter Joshua is dividing the territory among the tribes of Israel. People are complaining and wanting more, sound familiar? Joshua is giving directions, but is he asking God? He says that they are a great people with great power, but who gave them this power? As I read I don’t hear God being glorified just people deciding what they want. The only one who is great is our God he alone has great power, but when things are going good and what we want is our main focus, God seems to disappear from our heart.

Application: I could be an Israelite, the way I act. I want what I want without consulting God. When I’m down and out or need direction I’m there begging God for guidance and strength, but where is my God with things are going well? God is not an umbrella you bring out only when it rains, He should always be their because he reigns. God needs to be with me all of the time and he deserves all of my love, praise and obedience.

Prayer: My Lord and my God I’m your servant and not the other way around. I want you to be my main focus since you are my Master and I need to be aware of your desires and not mine. Please speak to me and guide me each day to do what you call me to do. I was created especially for you by you. May I be of use to you.

Our Lot in Life

Scripture Josh 16:1 The lot fell to the children of Joseph from the Jordan, by Jericho, to the waters of Jericho on the east, to the wilderness that goes up from Jericho through the mountains to Bethel

Observation: Things come our way all the time, good and bad. They use to draw lots to see how things were going to go or who would get what. The soldiers during Jesus crucifixion drew lots to see who would get His cloths. That is what our life is we make decision and draw lots to see what is going to happen. God isn’t concerned as much of what are lot is going to decide, instead He wants to see what we are going to do with the lot we draw. Are we going to glorify Him in the situations we draw, are we going to trust Him to get us through a situation or are we going to be so focused on ourselves that we miss an opportunity to show our love and trust in our Lord?

Application: Each day will have some type of situation come up and I need to decide how I’m going to handle it. Will my focus be on God or myself. If it’s good will I take the credit or if it’s bad will I wallow in self-pity and forget with Christ I can do all things and that He loves me and is there next to me. We may not be able to choose the lot that we draw each day, but we can decide how we are going to handle them, with or without God.

Prayer: My Lord forgive my arrogance to think that I can handle this life without you. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t need you and what you with me. Help me draw closer to you and hear your voice guide me through this life and that each day I’ll glorify you and point others do you. Use this servant and walk with me.

Sinners Dwell with Us

Scripture Josh 15:63 As for the Jebusites, the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the children of Judah could not drive them out; but the Jebusites dwell with the children of Judah at Jerusalem to this day.

Observation: The Jebusites tricked Joshua from destroying them. Joshua never asked God’s counsel before making a decision and now the Israelites will have the Jebusites with them. We are surrounded by foreigners, non-Christians, so what are we supposed to do? We can get rid of them by asking for God’s counsel on how to convert them to Christianity so they are no longer foreigners, but brothers and sisters in Christ. We are called to do exactly that for our heavenly Father wants non to perish, but that all would receive eternal life with Him.

Application: I need to search for people that God puts in my path and take the opportunity to witness and allow the Holy Spirit to do a work in their life. That is why I’m still here to be a messenger for my Lord. To tell others all the wonderful things He has done for me and that He wants to do the same in their life. I need to be more observant of my surroundings and search out the foreigners that surround me and bring them into God’s family.

Prayer: My Lord may I not be so self-absorbed, but focused on the people you put in my path. Give me wisdom and courage to witness to the foreigners you surround me with and use me as a light in this very dark place.

The Rewards for the Lord’s Followers

Scripture Josh 14:14 Hebron therefore became the inheritance of Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenizzite to this day, because he wholly followed the LORD God of Israel.

Observation: Caleb was the only one, besides Joshua who believed the Lord would deliver the promised land. Only Caleb and Joshua saw the promised land after forty years and those who didn’t believe died in the dessert. God rewards those who obey and trust in Him, Caleb was awarded even more land than the others and He trusted in God to deliver him from his enemies and it was done as he asked.

Application: I have reaped many rewards from my Lord, rewards I don’t deserve, but because I trusted God when He called He blessed me. I’m not sure how many rewards I didn’t receive because of my lack of trust and faith, I’m sure it is more than I received. God desires us to have those rewards, like any good Father would like to bless their children, that is how our heavenly father is. He desires us to have rewards, but we must love and obey His direction for our life. I need to be more faithful and trusting and stop worrying so much and give all I have to God.

Prayer: Dear Lord I thank you for the rewards you have blessed me with and the new life you have given me. Thank you for all that I have and the way you have used your servant. Please increase my faith and use me till the day I get to be with you. All of my love, your servant and child.