Daily Devotional

Humble Yourself Before the Lord

Scripture: Matthew 18: [4] Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Observation: That is a problem I’ve had for most of my life, humbling myself. I was to busy trying to raise myself up at the expense of others to make myself feel better. One of my best moments after I was saved was with a customer when I asked if I could get her anything, as I left she told my associate what a humble man I was.

Application: To remember who I am, a creation of God created for him not me. Realize we are all created by the same God and that I am a servant made to serve others in my Lord’s name. To receive my joy from the Lord and not what other people think of me.

Prayer: Dear Lord your servant is here to serve you and others in your name. Show me how to humble myself as a small child that I may please you and be with you in heaven.

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