Month: September 2023

Give the Lord His Due

Scripture Psalms 29:2 Give unto the LORD the glory due to His name; Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.

Observation: We are always asking God for something, but how often do we give back? We need to give back only what He deserves, which is everything, but He asks for so little. Our worship is what we do with this life God has blessed us with and He deserves us to make it something very special. We are so busy making our life for us we leave the only reason we have a life and that is for God’s glory and not our own. Our Lord is perfect and His beauty has no boundaries and He deserves to be worshiped with all of our heart, mind and soul.

Application: All I’ve been thinking about lately is me. This was my last day at the Army and Navy Academy and all I think about is that they realize they made a mistake for letting me go and that does not honor God and is no act of worship. My thoughts for the most part are about me and what I want. I have to break free from this terrible mindset and be focused on my Lord and how I can better live this life for Him. It seems I can’t stay focused more than a minute without drifting back to my self-absorbed life and I need to be living for my Lord. This is not an option and I must do it right before it’s too late.

Prayer: My Lord you are worthy of all my love, praise, worship and obedience. I don’t know how to live this way and need your help to do it right. I feel so lost at times please Lord lift up your servant and guide me to glorify you. May this life be worship that You desire and please you. I love you and what to love you more.

Go Get Them God

Scripture Psalms 28:4 Give them according to their deeds, And according to the wickedness of their endeavors; Give them according to the work of their hands; Render to them what they deserve.

Observation: I just got let go of a job I had for five years and the company I was working at told my company that they would only renew the contract if they would change managers. I was shocked and couldn’t believe it because I thought I was doing this wonderful job and everyone loved me. This is my last week and I’ve been helping the man that is taking over. I go back and forth praising God that He will open another door for me and wanting Him to strike them with lightning or something. I want them to get what they deserve. I forget they are just looking out for the best interest of their school and for some reason I wasn’t a good fit. I’m taking it personal and it was a corporate decision and maybe God is using this to humble me and I need that.

Application: I have a couple of more days and I need to make them the most positive I can. They need to be able to see my Lord in my life as I leave with love and grace. I need to trust God, He has never let me down in the past and I know that He loves me and wants to do a work in my life. I need to be more focused on Him and not on what happened, I need to keep my eyes wide open to see what God desires of me.

Prayer: My Lord help me get through this and see you in the midst of this situation. Speak to your servant and guide me soften my heart and fill it with love for others. I’m here only as a servant and need to act like one. I love you my Master, guide and use me.

I Need to Wait on the Lord

Scripture Psalms 27:14 Wait on the LORD; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the LORD!

Observation: Boy do I have a hard time waiting for anything. I want everything now including answers. My lack of faith makes me anxious. I lost my job at the Army and Navy Academy and my last day is Thursday. My first reaction was what happened and I needed to know why right away. I was told I still have a job with Culinart, but I would be floating from account to account until something opened up. This will be something difficult for someone who has a hard time waiting. I know God is watching over me and that He has a plan, but I need patience to wait on Him.

Application: This will be a challenge. Every time I say God has a plan and I need to wait; my mind wanders and I go back and want revenge on the people that turned me down. I need to focus on God and give Him the love and praise He deserves. I need to be of good courage and to be positive in this situation so that I may see God’s plan for me. I need to allow Him to work in my life to strengthen me and give me the patience to wait.

Prayer: My Lord calm your servant’s heart and give me the strength I’ll need to wait on you. May I wait until you open the door for me, the door that you choose. Help me glorify You and not myself. That I will be obedient and wait on you. I love You and need your guidance and strength as always.

Be Merciful to Me Lord

Scripture Psalms 26:11 But as for me, I will walk in my integrity; Redeem me and be merciful to me.

Observation: How is my integrity? I know I’m not consistent day by day as sometimes I’m loving and others, I’m so angry I swear. I try to always tell the truth, but I’m sure I slip from time to time. I try to do all that I say I will do, but I get lazy. I will walk in my integrity, but my integrity needs to improve before I can honor God. My anxiety level is high, which shows God my lack of trust, yet he always shows mercy or I wouldn’t be here. He is always there for me loving and protecting me filling me with the Holy Spirit. Maybe the reason God doesn’t use me very much is that I’m not ready to be used.

Application: I need to improve my integrity and be the man God desires me to be. I can’t expect to be blessed when I’m not in God’s will all of the time. People need to see that I’m a man of integrity and I will have that opportunity this week. Last Friday I was told that I lost my position at the Army and Navy Academy, because they want someone better to handle the food service. I have this week to train someone to take over so I need to be loving and caring and not bring up anything negative, but be an example that would please my Lord.

Prayer: My Lord make me a better man. Please calm my spirit and give me peace. Open my eyes to what you want me to be help me be a man of great integrity. Please continue to give me mercy and I go through this life. I’m a sinner and deserve nothing, but I thank you that you are always there to life me up. I love You help me show it to others.

Teach Me Lord

Scripture Psalms 25:4 Show me Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths.

Observation: This is truly my desire to know God’s will for my life. I’m so lost most of the time and I’m not sure of what I’m doing is right or what else I should be doing. I read books and my Bible each day. I know my Lord’s commands and what I should and shouldn’t be doing, but to know specifically what His will is for my life, I don’t know. Currently I’ve been visiting home fellowships telling them about the CIA, I finished writing a book, So Why Am I Here, Teri and I do catering for the church and I don’t know if any of it is what My Lord wants of me.

Application: I need to keep doing something that I know would honor God. I need to continue to go to Him in prayer and ask what His will if for my life. I need to give my God this anxiety I carry around with me so that I may see more clearly what He desires of me. I will continue to read and search for answers and pray that what I’m doing is of God.

Prayer: My Lord I feel so lost most of the time. My existence seems futile at times and that I don’t accomplish anything with this life you have blessed me with. I need you to show me Your ways and teach me your path so that I may honor you with this life. I love you and what so desperately to glorify You.

God Owns It All

Scripture Psalms 24:1 A Psalm of David. The earth is the LORD’S, and all its fullness, The world and those who dwell therein.

Observation: I own a house a car and other things or do I. When I die nothing comes with me, there is nothing that is really mine. The Lord owns it all and allows us to borrow things from time to time. Everything including myself, is owned by the Lord, King of the universe. Our pride makes us think more highly of ourselves then we are and that we are the masters of what we see, but that’s not true. Satan helps us think that way, because as long as we are thinking of ourselves, we’re not thinking of God. When we know who God really is we are left in awe and realize the honor and privilege it is to be able to speak with Him and that He cares for us.

Application: I need to realize the precious gift it is to be able to speak to my Heavenly Father and treat it as such. I need to know that He owns everything and I’m His possession as well. I need to humble myself before His throne and be thankful that He allows me an audience with Him. He is the creator of all things and for some reason He loves and cares for me. I am truly blessed beyond words and need to be thankful; at all times.

Prayer: My Lord, my God and my Creator. I humbly come before you with thanksgiving and awe. I don’t know why you love this sinner, but I know you do. May I humbly serve you all the days of my life and forever more.

I Will Forever Dwell in the Lord’s House

Scripture Psalms 23:6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the LORD Forever.

Observation: My Lord’s goodness and mercy follows me each day, however I can choose whether to take note of it or not. We focus on the things of this world, typically negative, and not focus on the goodness of God. He is there always and how we receive Him each day will determine how we serve Him. We are only here for a very short time and if we choose Jesus as our Lord and savior, we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. We have a hard time wrapping our minds around forever, because we can’t imagine it, but I believe forever is living each day to its fullest without measuring time, just enjoying being with our Lord in a place that is too beautiful for words.

Application: I need to focus on God and all of His goodness and mercy. He desires that I enjoy my life, but He asks that I use it for His glory. The eternal rewards are beyond our imagination, but we should be living this way to honor God each day. It won’t be long before I’ll be home with my Master and I can’t wait to dwell in His home, but I have errands to run before going home, there are several things that my Lord wants me to pick up on the way. I don’t know their names and most likely won’t find out until I get there, but there is still work to be done here and I need to do them for God’s glory.

Prayer: My Lord, my God and my Master, for only you are good and I can’t live without your mercy. Help me stay focused on you and your desires for this life. May I pick up all that you required your servant to get and that I will present them to you when I get home. May all that I do glorify you each day. I love you and desire to please you.