Daily Devotional

Possessing Everything

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 6:[10] sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything.

Observation: Yesterday I bought a grill I’ve wanted for some time. For some reason I felt I either needed or simply deserved it. Why do I continue to want things in this world when my Lord has given me everything? He has changed my mourning into dancing, he has meant all of my needs and has allowed me to spread the gospel so others may possess everything. Even though I am in this world, my focus needs to be on my eternal home.

Application: To be a better steward with all that God has given me and ask him what he wants me to do before I spend his money. Use my possessions and time for God’s glory and not my amusement and build my treasures in heaven. Before I act think what God will say to me on my judgment day as he recounts’ how I spent my time and money. Seek that I may hear well done good and faithful servant.

Prayer: Dear Lord I truly possess everything since I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Guide me this day to invest in the Kingdom and the lives of others in your name

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