Daily Devotional

Keep Your Word

Scripture Psalms 76:11 Make vows to the LORD your God, and pay them; Let all who are around Him bring presents to Him who ought to be feared.

Observation: First we are to make vows to God. God has made so many promises to us in His word and never breaks a promise and we are called to do the same. If we come to Him and tell Him we are going to do something then we better keep our word. God is blessed when we do what He calls us to do and on the other hand there are consequences when we break a promise, so we need to think and take serious what we say to our Lord. Can you imagine what might happen to a servant in those days if he told his master he was going to do something and didn’t? We are servants.

Application: There are so many things I should be doing and I’m afraid to make those vows to my Lord, because I might not keep them. God is calling me to be faithful to Him and to keep any vow I make to Him. I know what I should be doing and I need to say them out loud and commit them to my Lord and make it a priority in my life to keep them. I need to do what I was created to do and make that commitment to do it.

Prayer: My Lord you are worthy of all of my love, praise and obedience. Today I commit to you that I will work harder in using my testimony to touch the lives of others. That I will be that light you call me to be and make a difference for the kingdom. I’m here to serve help me Lord keep this vow to you, give me strength and wisdom to honor you. I love you Lord guide your child.

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