Daily Devotional

Obeying the Spirit

Scripture: Acts 8: [29] The Spirit told Philip, “Go to that chariot and stay near it.”

Observation: I’ve heard God direct me and have listened some of the time. The other times I would make excuses that it wasn’t the Spirit, I was busy or just ignored what I heard. However the times that I listened I was blessed, because I was doing what God had asked me, so why don’t I listen all of the time? What is it about me that I want to either be rebellious or just do things my way.

Application: I belong to God. He has created me, He is my Master and He knows what is best for me. I need to listen more attentively to His voice and do what He commands me to do. God doesn’t request he commands. There should never be a choice, if God speaks to me through the Holy Spirit, I do it, no questions asked.

Prayer: My God, my Master command your servant and speak to me. May I never disobey you again, may I complete the mission you have sent me on with joy and thanksgiving, that you would consider me worthy of doing anything in your great name.

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