Daily Devotional

In The Beginning

Scripture: Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Observation: God has put on my heart how terrible this evolution theory is since it’s taught in every school. It takes away from God creating it and as if it all happened for no reason. We can see the effect it has had on society since we must have come from monkeys why believe in God. It’s almost taboo anymore to bring up God and all that He has done and especially the sins we commit. God created this earth and he can destroy it just as easy.

Application: To do something to get the message out about creation to others. Figure out a way to get evolution out of the schools since he makes no sense and hasn’t been proved. Keep listening and studying Kent Hovind and get others involved in getting with school administrators to remove the lies that we teach our children.

Prayer: Dear Lord I don’t know how you can forgive us for the way this earth makes up lies to avoid humbling ourselves to you. Guide me to do whatever you desire me to do to get the truth out and put me in touch with people that can help open the eyes of this sinful world. Use me in whatever way you desire, I’m yours, created by you.

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