Daily Devotional

Where Am I?

Scripture: Genesis 3: [9] But the LORD God called to the man, “Where are you?”

Observation: First thought is if God knows everything, why didn’t He know where Adam and Eve were? Sometimes questions are asked not for the one asking the question, but the one that answers. If God asked me now where am I, I’m not sure what to say. Am I were I’m supposed to be according to God’s plan for me or have I strayed like Adam. I’m supposed to be imitating Jesus, yet I’m not serving, my thoughts are evil, I think of myself first and I haven’t been serving very many lately. So where am I?

Application: This is a question I need to ask myself daily and search my heart for the answer. Am I on the path to please my Lord or am I wondering around aimlessly not sure what to do. I know where God wants me to be, in His word, being obedient to His commands and imitating His son to the best of my ability.

Prayer: Dear Father here I am. Guide me through this maze I continue to put myself in and show me the way to you. Put others in my path that I may lead them along with me to your loving grace.

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