Daily Devotional

What Is Your Special Ability?

Scripture: Genesis 47: [6] and the land of Egypt is before you; settle your father and your brothers in the best part of the land. Let them live in Goshen. And if you know of any among them with special ability, put them in charge of my own livestock.”

Observation: God has blessed us with special abilities, talents, and we are called to account on how we use them. I know one of my special abilities is food service and organization. I’m called to use these for God’s glory and that will be one of the instruments I’m to use to bear fruit for God’s glory. We need to know what our abilities are and find ways to put them to use so that they will multiply.

Application: I need to search and find ways to use the gifts God has given me to help others and honor God. This Easter we will be doing a military outreach by doing an Easter brunch. The purpose is to bless these families and that God gets all the glory. However when we use our abilities others need to see God through us.

Prayer: My Lord I thank you for all you give me and I ask you take this laziness away from me and get me busy fulfilling the purpose you have created me for. Bless this Easter brunch and may it bring others closer to you and hopefully open someone eyes to you and that they will receive Jesus as their Lord and savior.

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