Daily Devotional

We Are Lost!

Scripture Numbers 17:12 The Israelites said to Moses, “We will die! We are lost, we are all lost!

Observation: The Israelites aren’t the only ones lost, we all are. We are lost in this world we don’t belong to and we need our Lord and guide us out. We all will eventually die and leave this place and our Lord will guide us into our eternal home with Him. It is good to know we are lost and need Him each day to get us through, because if we fool ourselves by thinking we know where we are and we need no help, we can find ourselves more lost than ever without a guide.

Application: I get lost each day with my negative and angry thoughts. I can lead myself down a path of sin in a moment and I need to call upon my guide to save me. I need to keep focused on my guide each day and not get distracted by the scenery and noise of this world and wander off. I need to remind myself of my limits and hold the hand of my Lord through this life.

Prayer: Dear Lord please guide me each day through this journey you have me on. Open my eyes to all the pitfalls that I can stumble into and guide me through the dangers of this life. Take my hand and bring me home safely into your loving arms.

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