Daily Devotional

Who Has Great Power?

Scripture Josh 17:17 And Joshua spoke to the house of Joseph–to Ephraim and Manasseh–saying, “You are a great people and have great power; you shall not have only one lot,

Observation: As you read the whole chapter Joshua is dividing the territory among the tribes of Israel. People are complaining and wanting more, sound familiar? Joshua is giving directions, but is he asking God? He says that they are a great people with great power, but who gave them this power? As I read I don’t hear God being glorified just people deciding what they want. The only one who is great is our God he alone has great power, but when things are going good and what we want is our main focus, God seems to disappear from our heart.

Application: I could be an Israelite, the way I act. I want what I want without consulting God. When I’m down and out or need direction I’m there begging God for guidance and strength, but where is my God with things are going well? God is not an umbrella you bring out only when it rains, He should always be their because he reigns. God needs to be with me all of the time and he deserves all of my love, praise and obedience.

Prayer: My Lord and my God I’m your servant and not the other way around. I want you to be my main focus since you are my Master and I need to be aware of your desires and not mine. Please speak to me and guide me each day to do what you call me to do. I was created especially for you by you. May I be of use to you.

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