Daily Devotional

Is God Speaking to Me?

Scripture Josh 20:1 The LORD also spoke to Joshua, saying,

Observation: Does God speak to us today? I believe He does, but the problem is we aren’t listening. We may not hear is voice verbally, but He surrounds us with signs and His word so we know what He is telling us. God has used the people He surrounds me with to speak to me and often to protect me. I know it doesn’t please Him for me to do nothing or very little each day for His glory and I want to hear Him, but my mind is so full of this world I can’t hear Him.

Application: I need to know God loves me and has a purpose for me and I need to hear from Him so I can get on track. I pray to Him each day, but I need to take time to listen and wait for His guidance. I’m so tired all of the time and I need strength to be busy for my Lord. I need to know I’m a servant of the most high and I need to listen for His commands so I will be an obedient servant, the desire of my heart.

Prayer: My Lord help me. I’m sitting here writing and deciding what to do after I’m finished. Give me guidance and open my ears to your voice. I don’t want to waste any more of this life on things of this world, I want to build my treasures in heaven as you require me to do. Help me please lead a life that will glorify you. I love you and want to please you.

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