Daily Devotional

Will We Turn Back?

Scripture Psalms 80:18 Then we will not turn back from You; Revive us, and we will call upon Your name.

Observation: This psalm, like all of them, refer to the Israelites. All through the Old Testament it shows God restoring Israel and a short time later how Israel abandons God and goes out to worship another god or idol. They always seemed to turn back. It’s hard to believe God has such patience with them. We are no better as Christians, God works His miracles in our life and for a short time we are grateful and honor God with our time and praise, but as soon as things get better, we forget all that God does and turn to our worldly idols and sin. We wonder why we go through some trials and tribulations and I believe the reason is that is the only way we stay close to our Lord

Application: I’m no better than anyone else. I bask in God’s mercy and as things go good for me, I forget and go my own way. I have a hearing problem, where I constantly hear ringing in my ears. At times it drives me insane, but I have learned when I get so distracted by this sound, I beg that God would heal me, but I add your grace is sufficient. Instead of being a constant irritation to me, it has become a reminder that God will never leave me or forsake me.

Prayer: My Lord help me have you in my heart always. May my mind be set on you and that all I do, be done for your glory. I’m so easily distracted help me stay focused on the prize of honoring you. May I never turn back from my Lord and love.

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