Daily Devotional

You Delivered Me Lord

Scripture Psalms 81:7 You called in trouble, and I delivered you; I answered you in the secret place of thunder; I tested you at the waters of Meribah.

Observation: God has delivered me so many times out of trouble, trouble I put myself in. I would cry out and there He was putting His hand out to lift me up. He always answers my prayer and guides me, even places I don’t want to go. He has given me a life that can please Him if I use it right and He has tested me. Some test I have passed and others I failed miserably, but He is always there. He is training me and making me the vessel He desires me to be. I have nothing to fear, He is always at my side guiding me through this life.

Application: Knowing that God is near should give me the confidence to step out more to do His will. I need to shed this laziness that overcomes me and take courage to do the things that He calls me to do. I’m going to be speaking this weekend at a church I’ve never been to and yet I’m at peace knowing that God will direct my words and will use this time for His glory.

Prayer: My Lord I love and trust in You, have your way with me and use me as you desire. May I become stronger through the trials knowing that you are only a prayer a way and finish the race in a way that glorifies you. Give me strength each day and show me what you desire of me as I’m heading home.

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