Daily Devotional

God’s Word is a Burning Fire

Scripture Jeremiah 20:9 Then I said, “I will not make mention of Him,
Nor speak anymore in His name.”
But His word was in my heart like a burning fire
Shut up in my bones;
I was weary of holding it back,
And I could not.

Observation: Jeremiah was suffering because he was telling everyone the bad news from the Lord and he was getting persecuted for it. He was to the point he didn’t want to say anything else in fear that the people would kill them, but God’s word was so strong in his heart he couldn’t hold it back. His purpose was to tell others about God’s judgement and God would help him succeed.

Application: I want God’s word to be a burning fire in my heart and being. I rarely get persecuted for doing God’s will and all that holds me back is my own conviction and laziness. God needs to come first in my life at all times and not just when it is convenient for me.

Prayer My Lord and my God, I need you to light that fire in my heart for your word. May I burn that others may see the light and feel the warmth of your presence. My only purpose is to serve You.

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