Daily Devotional

Oh to Be Humble

Scripture Numbers 12:3 (Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.)

Observation: I remember a few years ago I was in sales and taking a prospective customer to see our locations. I was with one of our sales associates and during lunch I went to get drinks and made sure our customer had what they needed. After the visit we dropped her off and on the way home my partner told me that she said how nice and humble I was. It really hit my heart that someone thought I was humble and began to tear up as the Holy Spirit filled my heart. I was such an arrogant man most of my life and now someone thought I was humble, what a long way I had come.

Application: I still want praise and to be the center of attention too often. I need to work on being humble and to die to myself. I’m not here for me I was created for my Lord and for a purpose and that purpose is not to lift me up, but my God and I can’t do that if the focus is on me.

Prayer: My Lord humble your servant and fill my heart with the things you desire of me. May I die to myself and lift you up with the life I lead and that others may see a humble servant of yours.

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