Daily Devotional

The Lord’s people

Scripture 2 Chron 23:16 Then Jehoiada made a covenant between himself, the people, and the king, that they should be the LORD’S people.

Observation: That is what we all should be, the Lord’s people. I look around and can see why the Lord wouldn’t want them. We have mocked our God and have become sexually immoral, liars, thieves, lovers of ourselves and all of the things Paul already has said and yet no matter who you are you can ask for forgiveness, repent and receive Jesus as Lord and have an eternal home with Him. We are the Lord’s people in as much as He has created each one of us, but we have that so called gift of choice and it seems as though fewer and fewer or choosing Jesus.

Application: I am part of the Lord’s people and I need to stand up for that to everyone. There should never be a doubt that I belong to the Lord and that I am His servant and creation. May I never reject my Lord, but always be an example of His love and mercy He has for everyone. I need to tell my story, how God reached into my darkness and pulled me out, I need to be doing what my Lord commands me to do with joy and love. I need to stop getting so caught up in this place and be focused on my eternal home where I will be spending all eternity with my Lord as His.

Prayer: My Heavenly Father help me please. I feel so lost at times here and just want to leave. Give me strength to serve you and others and be that example of being one of the Lord’s people. I need your strength and guidance to get me through each day, please point the way for your servant and help me finish this race in a way that will glorify you.

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