Daily Devotional

Oh to Be Humble

Scripture Numbers 12:3 (Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.)

Observation: I remember a few years ago I was in sales and taking a prospective customer to see our locations. I was with one of our sales associates and during lunch I went to get drinks and made sure our customer had what they needed. After the visit we dropped her off and on the way home my partner told me that she said how nice and humble I was. It really hit my heart that someone thought I was humble and began to tear up as the Holy Spirit filled my heart. I was such an arrogant man most of my life and now someone thought I was humble, what a long way I had come.

Application: I still want praise and to be the center of attention too often. I need to work on being humble and to die to myself. I’m not here for me I was created for my Lord and for a purpose and that purpose is not to lift me up, but my God and I can’t do that if the focus is on me.

Prayer: My Lord humble your servant and fill my heart with the things you desire of me. May I die to myself and lift you up with the life I lead and that others may see a humble servant of yours.

Our Burdens Are Too Heavy

Scripture Numbers 11: [14] I cannot carry all these people by myself; the burden is too heavy for me.

Observation: How many times have you said that your burden was too heavy to carry? I know I have said it way more than once. Most of my life has been spent in depression, because I felt living was too heavy of a burden for me. My testimony was the day I gave my life to Jesus was after a message on how Jesus died to take our burden upon himself. I thought about my life and how I kept adding to my burden and I couldn’t take it anymore and when I heard that Jesus was there to help relieve me of all that I to carried I gave my life and burdens to Him.

Application: God wants to take everyone’s burdens upon himself. My job is to tell others about this amazing revelation so that they too may give their life to the Lord and walk with Him as I did that wonderful day. To tell others this life was never designed to be lived alone and the burden of living was something that Jesus wants to share.

Prayer: My Lord thank you for loving me so much that you reached out to me and took my burden from me. Guide me now to help others relieve themselves of the burdens of everyday life and look to you for relief. May they live the life you have chosen for them and draw them close to you. Use your servant in any way you desire, I’m always at your service.

Bring Others on Our Journey

Scripture Numbers10: [32] If you come with us, we will share with you whatever good things the LORD gives us.”

Observation: This could be the call of the Christian to those that don’t know our Lord. Ask others to join us and explain the heart of God to them and the good that He has stored up for those who follow His son. We need to share the blessings of God and one of those blessings is our testimony, how God brought us through our struggle. We are to share all that we have to those that God puts in our path. Time is getting short and there are so many that need to be saved and it’s up to us as Christians.

Application: This is also my calling to have others follow me as I follow Christ. I need to share all that God has done for me and what he has in store for His children. I have one main purpose and that is to spread the gospel to others, because my God wants none to perish.

Prayer: My Lord please give me wisdom, discernment, and courage to fulfill the calling you placed on my life. Draw me near that I will honor you with how I use the gifts you have given me to draw others to you.

Wait On the Lord

Scripture Numbers 9:8 Moses answered them, “Wait until I find out what the LORD commands concerning you.”

Observation: That is definitely one of my shortcomings, waiting. I hurry to do something without checking with the Lord or thinking it out and most of the time it ends in disaster. It’s more than just waiting it’s waiting until you hear from Him and doing what he commands. The Lord has a plan and a purpose and it’s to prosper us and give us hope and a future.

Application: I need to learn to wait on God and pray for direction before doing anything. I need to be committed to obey my Lord’s commands no matter what they might be. I need to be patient and wait on the Lord and if I don’t hear Him speak then wait until He does. Continue to study the bible to know His commands.

Prayer: Dear Lord I thank you for caring for me and wanting the best for me. Please guide me each day and speak so that I may hear your voice direct me in all that I do. I love you and want to be obedient to you Father.

Being Ready to Do the Lord’s Work

Scripture Numbers 8: [11] Aaron is to present the Levites before the LORD as a wave offering from the Israelites, so that they may be ready to do the work of the LORD.

Observation: What am I waiting for to do the work of the Lord? It’s not that He has nothing for me to do, otherwise why would I be here. I know God doesn’t make mistakes and He wouldn’t make anything that didn’t have some use so why am I not doing the work of the Lord. He has given me everything I need to do His work a testimony, wisdom, His word and most importantly the Holy Spirit. So why am I busier doing what I want to do instead of doing what I was created to do.

Application: I know what I need to do and I know what I shouldn’t be doing. God has given me instruction and a job to do here on earth so I will be better prepared to do it when I’m with Him. I need to be much more disciplined each day and rid myself of this laziness and get busy doing the work the Lord has put before me.

Prayer: My Lord I need you, please give me the discipline to do what you call me to do. Open doors for me to follow your leading in my life. Help me to be more disciplined in taking care of this body so that I will have the energy needed to do the work you call me to do. May I honor you with this life and be ready to work when I get home to You.

Speaking with God

Scripture Numbers 7:89 When Moses entered the Tent of Meeting to speak with the LORD, he heard the voice speaking to him from between the two cherubim above the atonement cover on the ark of the Testimony. And he spoke with him.

Observation: Are we listening for God’s voice? We need to listen intently and search from where God is speaking. God can speak to us from a friend, relative or stranger. He can speak to us from a sermon, a small group meeting and through a book. God always speaks to us through His word, but we need to do more than read we need to listen to what He is telling us. God tells us that He loves us and has a plan for our life and that He wants to guide us. So we need to be still and listen to His instructions.

Application: I need to train myself to listen. I allow the distractions of this world to become overwhelming to the point I can’t hear anything. God needs to be my top priority and I need to take time to be with Him so I can hear what He wants me to do. I need to spend more quiet time alone with my Lord so that He can show me His desires.

Prayer: My Lord I need your help to hear you. My mind is constantly going and I can’t seem to control my thoughts. Help me Lord hear your voice and be obedient on what you call me to do. I love you and my desire is to please you.

A Special Vow

Scripture Numbers 6: [2] “Speak to the Israelites and say to them: `If a man or woman wants to make a special vow, a vow of separation to the LORD as a Nazirite,

Observation: I may not make a vow to be a Nazirite, but I do need to make a vow of separation from this world and my sin to God. I’m created to be holy and the only way I can do it is by separating myself from sin. If I plan on making this vow I must determine what it is I’m going to do for God and what I will keep myself away from so it will be easier keeping my vow.

Application: I need to make a vow each day that I will set myself apart for Him and do what He commands me to do. I need to be careful not to be drawn into sinful discussions, actions or thoughts, but to be holy to my Lord.

Prayer: My Lord I make a vow to you to keep you first in all I do each day. That I will come to you and think before I act and ask for your guidance. I make a vow to please you with the rest of this life you have given me and that I will use it for your glory.